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This project aims to enhance the working environment on Windows
sws (Simple Window Switcher) is an Alt-Tab replacement for Windows
A header-only collection of generic implementations shared between multiple projects
Implements a Windows service that removes the rounded corners for windows in Windows 11
This is a simple Thunderbird extension (compatible with Thunderbird 78+ as of January 2021) that allows editing notes created, edited and synced from the iPhone Notes app.
JavaScript 14 0
A simple utility that cold patches dwm (uDWM.dll) in order to disable window rounded corners in Windows 11
  • Install Intel Unison on Windows 11 22000-based builds

    From the ashes of Dell Mobile Connect, which was based on Screenovate technologies which were purchased by Intel last year, a similar app with a different name has arrived - this is a quick guide showing you how to install it on 21H2 (22000-based) Windows 11 builds, despite it only officially working on 22H2 (22621-based) builds and up.
  • Working with shadow copies is kind of broken on Windows 11 22H2

    As a continuation of my previous article on shadow copies in Windows, I investigate how they behave under 22621+-based builds of Windows 11 (version 22H2, yet to be released).
  • Shadow copies under Windows 10 and Windows 11

    Ever since I got into the world of managing servers, working with VMs etc, I have kind of grown acustomed to being able to quickly restore the systems I work with to a previous point in time. But having this confidence with most of the tools I manage (the company servers, the hypervisors I use), the OS has always been a sore spot for me - I was always scared of some program installing and then messing up my Windows install in some irreversible way. Today, it's time to address this.
  • Set default apps in Windows 11 (restore the Windows 10 Settings app in Windows 11)

    Today I spent time fixing yet another questionable decision of Microsoft, restoring the legacy Windows 10 Settings app in Windows 11 so that I could finally properly adjust app defaults (and change File History settings).
  • Upload desktop.ini when using Nextcloud

    Is it worth binary patching open source programs, when you need (or fee like needing) that teeny-tiny change? And then, how do you approach it? Learn my take on this matter, with a practical example on the Nextcloud desktop client for Windows that refused to syncronize some files on my end.
  • Disable the rounded corners in Windows 11

    This is another article related to ExplorerPatcher and Windows 11. This time, I wanted to take a more in-depth look at the changes in the compositor shipped with Windows 11 (the Desktop Window Manager). In this article, we learn how to disable the rounded corners in dwm.exe.
  • Functional Windows 10 flyouts in Windows 11

    One problem that was still unsolved was how to restore the functionality of the Windows 10 network, battery and language switcher flyouts in the taskbar. While volume and clock work well, and the language switcher is the one from Windows 11 at least, the network and battery ones just do not launch properly. So, what gives?
  • Restore Windows 11 to working Windows 10 UI

    As you probably know already, Windows 11, among other changes, comes with a new and revamped taskbar. While it looks nice, it removes a ton of functionality users have come to depend on since it was introduced 20 or so years ago in Windows NT 4. Let's fix that!