First off, let me begin by wishing you all a happy new year. Hopefully, this year is going to be way better than the previous one. Also, some time has passed since the last post, but not because I haven’t worked on anything, but because I kind of got tired and did not really have the time to do this write-ups anymore.

I have a few things to write about on the backlog, which I will hopefully have time one day to finish writing about and publish here, including:

  • How to set up your own mail server (all the things, from how to get an IP, how to set a mail agent, how to secure it, how not to get into spam when sending mail etc)
  • How to properly install Windows
  • Some short articles about my recent Git projects

Initially, I wanted these to be written in the same in-depth style as most of my articles, but the reality is I am kind of busy and cannot really manage to do all of this. Writing takes some time, it is not my primary occupation, and besides all the projects and the work I have to do, it becomes very tiring and hard to do.

So, as a compromise, as I still want to say at least some words about various things, I will shorten my articles and make them less academic, and more on point, more schematic, more like a scratchpad, so that it is also easier for you to understand and to get the general idea. Instead of reformulating stuff, I will refer you to the original content where I read about it so you can take a look for yourself, it probably explains the same idea in different words.

That’s my plan, hopefully I can keep up with it. Again, have a great year, let’s hope for more in 2021!

Maybe in the future I will update this post with a few of my personal plans/projects that I plan to work on in 2021.