• Convert files to PDF using Puppeteer (Chromium)

    This example shows how to convert various file types to pdf using the built-in 'Save to PDF' feature from Chromium. This is needlessly too complicated because Google decided to crap out the command line of the browser.
  • Example of x64 RunPE

    Shows how to embed the code of another executable in a binary and execute it at runtime directly from memory (without extracting to disk etc). Deinitely a classic, guaranteed to work on amd64.
  • Get browser forward gesture on Android 10 Pixel Experience Plus ROM for Poco F1

    Android 10 includes a new system of gesture navigation that mimicks the iPhone. But contrary to the iPhone, swyping from the right edge of the screen always goes back one screen, whereas in the browser it would be more useful to navigate forward. Read on to find out how to tweak this behavior, by binary patching Android system files.
  • ThinkPad W540 review

    This piece is… well, I don’t remember quite the same sentence again. I have already written the introduction to this review, didn’t save, put the laptop to sleep, went to wash some dishes, then came back, woke it up from sleep, and boom, there you have it [...]
  • Another year of Infoeducatie

    I have got the flu for the past week or so, so that’s the reason I only write about this today. Last week (2-8 of August, 2015) the 21st edition of the InfoEducatie contest took place in the Galaciuc Youth camp, located 60 km away from the county seat of Vrancea, the city of Focsani. [...]
  • How I exported my text messages from Windows Phone to Android

    As you may be aware, Windows Phone did not offer a way to take your messages out of the “Microsoft Cloud”, or out of the phone, in order to store a backup of them or to import them to some other phone. This was true, until a couple of days ago. [...]
  • Why am I leaving the Windows Phone platform for good today

    Unfortunately as it may sound, today is the day I decided not to take the Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile, or Windows Mobile, or whatever Microsoft decides to call the OS) route, and in this piece, I am going to deeply describe why I decided to do so. [...]