• Enable S3 sleep on Lenovo Yoga (IdeaPad) Slim 7 14are05 (and other models too)

    Lately, Microsoft has been pushing a new implementation for the way portable computers sleep: instead of the traditional, *deep*, offline sleep, the so-called *modern standby* promises that compatible devices will be able to enter/exit sleep more quickly, and be able to wake up from sleep and notify users for mails etc. In reality, as is usual these days, on some machines, the implementation is lacking, providing only downsides and no real benefit. You'd think disabling the newer method should be easy, but since we are talking about Microsoft here, of course it is not. This article shows the general method, customized for the newish Lenovo Yoga (IdeaPad) Slim 7.
  • What's the point of Disqus' option to disable tracking cookies?

    Disqus allows site administrators to prevent the embed module from storing tracking cookies on the visitors' devices. That's all good, except I don't really get the point.
  • homepi+ Documentation

    homepi+ is an Arduino based implementation of a home appliance control system. It interfaces and communicates with various hardware devices in order to provide a single point of control for all of them. It is used to control all the electric and electronic equipment in my study room, from light fixtures to computers and laptops. The user interacts with the service using a simple web application which is accessible from any device which has a web browser, so pretty much any modern smart device, and can control it not only from the local network, but also from the larger Internet using a robust and secure security mechanism.
  • Case study: Get dark command windows all the time in Windows 10

    If you use the light system theme in Windows 10, command windows usually have a dark background with a white titlebar, which totally kills your eyes no matter the time of the day. This articles shows you how to determine a binary patch for the system file responsible for this.
  • Fix Task Manager blurriness on different DPI monitors in Windows 10

    In Windows 10, the Task Manager is blurry when show on secondary monitors if they have a different DPI from the primary monitor. This article shows you how to fix that.
  • Convert files to PDF using Puppeteer (Chromium)

    This example shows how to convert various file types to pdf using the built-in 'Save to PDF' feature from Chromium. This is needlessly too complicated because Google decided to crap out the command line of the browser.
  • Example of x64 RunPE

    Shows how to embed the code of another executable in a binary and execute it at runtime directly from memory (without extracting to disk etc). Deinitely a classic, guaranteed to work on amd64.
  • Get browser forward gesture on Android 10 Pixel Experience Plus ROM for Poco F1

    Android 10 includes a new system of gesture navigation that mimicks the iPhone. But contrary to the iPhone, swyping from the right edge of the screen always goes back one screen, whereas in the browser it would be more useful to navigate forward. Read on to find out how to tweak this behavior, by binary patching Android system files.